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Authentic Shawarma & Falafel


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Proudly serving authentic Mediterranean food in Vancouver that instantly brightens up your day. Whether it’s our made-to-order falafels, harmoniously flavored shawarma, or freshly made hummus and tzatziki, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth-watering artifacts.

Tasty Shawarma

Our highly rated signature dish of freshly sliced chicken shawarma served with hummus, tahini sauce, rice, and garden salad is a perfect combination of authentic flavors and a great choice for lunch or dinner. 

Made-to-order Falafels

Delicious balls made of chickpeas and herb goodness are irresistible and great option for a quick and casual meal. Crispy, seasoned exterior, and fluffy inside freshly fried falafels are hard to beat and the best one could ever find in town.


Al Basha Express catering services can make your next business luncheon, social gathering, or any special event memorable. Our exceptional service, fresh, locally sourced menu, and attention to detail have made us the premier catering and event planning choice in Vancouver. Visit our menu.

Satisfy your cravings with our hearty collection

The best way to experience our vast collection of tastes is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing meal to satisfy your palate.


1937 Cornwall Avenue

Vancouver BC V6J 1C8

(604) 336-2110

Open Daily 11am - 11pm

Local Guide Testimonial

"They make their falafels from scratch and fry them up fresh when you order them! ... Apparently this is the only place locally that makes them fresh like this!"
626 reviews on
Owen Post
Owen Post
Was very busy for the fireworks but the staff were nice and fast
Noel Abraham
Noel Abraham
Amazing Shawarmah. We had the chicken Shawarmah with fries and it felt like home ❤️
Mohammad Alam
Mohammad Alam
Delicious food. Love it.